Yet More Dumb

When writing about stupidity in the marketplace earlier this week, I mentioned a lady who employed astrology at the poker table as a metaphor.  Little did I know I would stumble on this gem in my RSS feed this morning.  If the idea of watching a train wreck doesn’t bother you, go read it.  Seriously, stop here and read.

Bet you didn’t know that since Pluto’s no longer retrograde, the Yen’s going to rally.  I didn’t either, but thanks to the miracle of RSS and my willingness to share this nugget with you rather than keeping the knowledge and liquidity to myself we both can profit.

Holy shit.

Apparently there are actually people who believe that astrology is a legitimate tool for trading the financial markets.  Better yet, there’s a bunch of people wanting to sign up for this lady’s newsletter.  So when I said yesterday that we’ve met the enemy and (s)he’s dumb, well now we have proof.  And as I pointed out, it’s not some sort of passive random dumb.  It’s active intentional dumb that takes effort to achieve.  So yeah, have some courage. You can beat these people and take their money.  They’re not exactly Mensa members.

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2 thoughts on “Yet More Dumb

    • I’d like to think this is all some sort of practical joke put on by the world’s best straight men. But I’m pretty sure it’s not.

      Which when you get right down to it is good news if you like money.

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