Off-Road Finance Turns One By The Numbers

Off road finance turned one year old two days ago.  That’s counting from the first post written specifically for the site.  I posted a math puzzle I’d written for another forum two days earlier so I guess if you want to be pedantic the site is one year and four days old.  Thus far it’s been an interesting experience, and overall a positive one.  I thought I’d share a few numbers about how things have gone:

  • Posts: 72, counting this one
  • Typical daily human visitors: 50
  • Subscribers: 44 Google Reader subscribers plus an unknown number through other services
  • Profits from ads: $0 (there aren’t any)
  • Profits in speculative investment portfolio: $1,048.30 (on $30,000 notional capital) as of today.  This has been a bad month.
  • Profits in speculative investment portfolio (annualized return): about 12%.  Kind of dogging it thus far – target is 15%+.
  • Forums killed: 1 – my attempt to create a forum was killed by a lack of traffic and an excess of spam.  I may try again in the future, because the world does need a better trading forum.
  • Guest posts: 4
  • Comments: 57 plus a few that died with the forum
  • Errors reported via comments by alert readers: about 4
  • Google page rank: 2 of 10
  • MozRank site authority: 31/100
  • Technorati Business Blogs Rank: #226 (really?)
  • Alexa Rank: 1,238,078 global, 271,381 US
  • Incoming links: 5,820 according to Google webmaster tools.
  • Positive reader contacts via email: about 10
  • Negative reader contacts via email: 0
  • Emails asking to guest post per week: about 5, none of whom appear to have read the guest posting policy
  • Cheeky awards given: 1
  • Most popular post:Additive vs. Multiplicative Thinking About Money with 584 page views.
  • Twitter accounts updated: 0 – which is probably a mistake, but I just can’t bring myself to be a twit.
  • Google searchers per day: about 20
  • Non-Google searchers per day: about 0
  • Fully baked trading systems shared: 1
  • Half baked trading systems shared: two or three
  • Typical post length: about 1700 words
  • Estimated total words written: 120,000
  • Equivilent book: 400 page trade paperback
  • Publishing offers for said book: 0
  • Most complimentary fellow blogger: Control Your Cash
  • Theme and font changes: 2 (I think this is a keeper unless people are silently hating it)

Thanks everyone for a good year, and here’s to an even better year two!

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