Really Lazy Speculative Alternatives Update 11/19/2012

We have a couple trades in the speculative alternatives portfolio that should have happened last week, but I was being a total slacker and din’t post them. ┬áThe changes:

  • Go from short to long GLD
  • Short BMS and buy SPY as a hedge

The resulting portfolio is:

  • Short 18% JNJ
  • Long 9.7% SPY as beta hedge for JNJ
  • Short 18% BMS
  • Long 12.2% SPY as beta hedge for BMS
  • Long 18% SPY as trend follow
  • Long 15% GLD as trend follow

The SPY positions sum – total is 39.9%.

Current value of the speculative alternatives portfolio is about $31,735 or so. ┬áHere’s a chart of its behavior vs. the S&P500 since inception:


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